PTC-Billboard_Cityscape3Message from the Founders

In 2014, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of Paint the City (PTC). As the launch continues, the PTC team is working to expand our artistic partnerships to include emerging, mid-career and established artists, to be highlighted on our static and digital billboard mediums throughout North America. Currently, we are securing various partnerships with leading museums, galleries and artists, in order to provide art for the public to enjoy throughout their daily lives.

Through these meaningful partnerships, PTC looks to expand upon it’s mission of providing art to all and to look towards generating educational platforms that will further engage the current and future viewers of PTC art. Our hope is to provide tools that will encourage debate and further understanding and allow our Daily Art Viewers (aka DAVers) to question, explore and reflect upon their experiences.

With this in mind, James and I hope PTC will ignite a new era of art lovers and aficionados, founded by those individuals and groups that are now able to view various artworks of our time throughout their daily lives. Our hope is that these newly equipped DAVers will not only be inspired to further experience and learn more about the highlighted art, but will also be motivated, by the transformative powers of art, to perhaps push a bit harder and to dig a little deeper throughout each day.

…We believe art must be shared, as it brings commitment, confidence, hope and optimism to everyone. Our goal is to continue to provide art to all, to educate and to inspire. James and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to talking to you again soon.

Till next time…

Jordan and James Manfredi


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