Kite Surfer:

“This image is part of my “Long Exposure + Still’ Portfolio”. My vision in this technique is to convey the range of motion of the subject matter.  In the world of photography, we are reducing reality from four dimensions (three special dimensions of height, width and depth and the fourth being time) onto a two dimensional slate, we reduce the reality perception it even further of we convert to black and white as it is not our reality, we see the world in colour and not b&w.  By using time as an additional tool in your creative arsenal, you can expand the limited range of expression within the world of photography.

The long exposure conveying time as eternal and continuous whereas the still is the juxtaposition of a freezing a moment in time.  Of course, in between the two is the whole spectrum of motion that wasn’t being expressed. As if it was link needed to bridge between the first two. That was my intention with this image.  The sky is a classical daytime long exposure, the kite and the surfer are still shots, where the water is my ‘in-between’ time, bridging the sky and the surfer.”-Sharon Tenenbaum

Sharon Tenenbaum Paint the City DOT ORG PTC

PTC artist Sharon Tenenbaum, “Kite Surfer”