Southern Straits #3:

“This image is part of my ‘Long Exposure + Still’ Portfolio. I saw this single oat when I was out shooting the Southern Straits boat race that takes place in Vancouver every Easter Friday.   This image was completely pre-envisioned.  While I was out taking photos of the boats, I saw this one lone sailboat and I was mesmerized by the way the sunlight that was just breaking thru the clouds was illuminating it.  However, for this image I knew that I wanted a calm sky as the boat itself looked so confident and safe that in my minds eye it was sailing as it was a clear beautiful day. So to create my image of the southern straits #3, I took the still shot of the boat on the day of the race but had to come back to this location on a different day to get the smooth lightbox look of the sky.”- Sharon Tenenbaum


Sharon Tenenbaum Paint the City DOT ORG PTC

PTC artist Sharon Tenenbaum , “Southern Straight #3”