Out of the Art Galleries and into the Streets

Expedia Viewfinder and Paint the City partnered up to encourage travelers to discover Montreal’s artwork outside of the galleries. Paint the City PTC Art for all Digital billboards Art on billboards Billboard art www.paintthecity.org, www.JohnBDesign.com

Written by: Chloe Mulliner
Staff writer for Expedia

Montreal is a captivating city with an art scene that runs the gamut, from chic galleries to vibrant street art. It’s a little piece of Paris, a splash of San Francisco, and a pinch of New York City. Montreal’s hip scene dabbles in both the classical and experimental art world; traditional works shine in exhibits while some of the more avant-garde masterpieces dazzle in unassuming spots around the city.

Montreal’s willingness to embrace all artistic elements, both in the galleries and out on the streets, is perhaps what caught the attention of Paint the City. PTC is an art-driven organization and a mastermind behind showcasing extraordinary artwork in ordinary places. Together, these two kindred spirits have teamed up to feature New York-based photographer Jade Doskow’s installment, “World’s Fairs: Lost Utopia” on digital billboards in Montreal, as well as Toronto and Vancouver, August 15 to September 15, 2014.

When Expedia Viewfinder heard about PTC circulating Doskow’s artwork (which includes a photo from Montreal’s own World’s Fair site), we wanted to show travelers how to experience Montreal’s art scene in a whole new way–beyond the galleries and out in the open. Therefore, we caught up with Jordan Manfredi, co-founder and marketing director for PTC, and Jade Doskow, who photographed World’s Fair pieces for her billboard debut, and asked them about their favorite places for finding art outside of the exhibits of Montreal.

L'Homme statue_820IMAGE: Flickr | Creative Commons | oknidius | https://flic.kr/p/bWCMRv

Doskow’s Pick: L’Homme

Architectural and landscape photographer Jade DoskowDoskow admitted her photography is usually what spurs her travels, and her romp in Montreal was no exception. During her quest to find inspiration and subjects for her World’s Fair project, Doskow discovered Alexander Calder’s L’Homme sculpture in Parc Jean Drapeau. This 80-foot outdoor sculpture is an artistic phenomenon providing viewers with a unique perspective and experience from every vantage point. Walk around the perimeter, crouch down, look up, and peer between the arches for the full experiential effect. Doskow describes the abstract structure as “an impressive piece of public art…It is magical, spiritual, and masterfully created.”



PTC-Habitat 67-820

Manfredi’s Pick: Habitat 67

120908-0839One of the most captivating aspects of artwork is that it can transcend rules and conventional expectations. Art can be anything created with passion, and Habitat 67 is the perfect illustration of that concept. This mind-bending architectural spectacle is an artistic attraction Manfredi believes every traveler should witness. She describes it as “an otherworldly cluster of cube-homes, each with lots of windows and outdoor space—the best of urban and suburban living at once.” The impressive housing complex, located on 600 Avenue Pierre-Dupuy, began as a student’s thesis project and later became the pavilion for the World’s Fair in 1967.



Expedia Viewfinder’s Pick: Saint Laurent Boulevard

Viewfinder-bannerWhile this city presents an infinite amount of eye candy, the murals on Saint Laurent Blvd are our favorite spot for non-gallery artwork in Montreal. Once a year, the Mural Festival takes over the stretch between Avenue du Mont-Royal and Rue Ontario to splash the city walls with color. International and local artists graffiti, stencil, paint, and sketch dynamic compositions, cultural reflections, and obscure illustrations along the buildings and walls of the street giving the city something to talk about. Though the festival is an annual event, travelers can venture out to these colorful cross roads and relish in the citified treasures all year round.


Paint the City PTC Art for all Digital billboards Art on billboards Billboard art www.paintthecity.org, www.JohnBDesign.com