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John Kosmopoulos

John Kosmopoulos : Highlighted from 02/15, 2015 – 03/15, 2015JK-SP-PTC_circle_200px

John Kosmopoulos is a multiple international award-winning photographer who embodies a new school or philosophy of photography known as “eclectic aesthetic fine art” (EAFA).  He specializes in architecture, abstract, long exposure, and minimalist black and white fine art photography.  His work has been published and featured in international interviews, magazines, books, galleries and promotions.

Always in search of enlightenment through an insightful imagination to fulfill his photographic vision, John finds the complexity of beauty across multiple subjects  and translates them back to the viewer with a felt aesthetic and a visual sophistication that is symbolic, thematic and cinematic.

He resides in the great city of Toronto where he balances his passion for the art of photography with a career in the behavior sciences. His background has lead him to develop a psychology of photography known as “vision drawing” as a means of capturing the essence of a photographer’s creative process in realizing their individual vision and voice.  He has also written extensively on both theoretical and practical fine art photography principles and concepts.

John also teaches fine art long exposure photography workshops in Canada and around the world.


Week 1 – Time To Face The World – “Around every corner of the city, there is a story about our lives. Urban life is often broken up into routines, deadlines, strangers, and noise. We dismiss the laughter we hear, the beauty that surrounds us and the common threads that bind us together. The city has a simpatico heartbeat with our own, cultural experiences of the world at our doorsteps, architecture as lived art, a person you will fall in love with, a stranger that will help you when you fall.  It’s time to face your world and harmonize it with the beauty you want to feel every day.  It is time to see your city with nascent eyes.”

The “Time to Face The World” photograph was taken in Toronto between Union Station and the Skywalk that leads to the iconic CN Tower.  It is a “double portrait” as a decisive moment where both the individual and the surrounding architecture act as primary and interchangeable subjects simultaneously to produce a harmony of photographic vision and voice to tell a story about overcoming the anxieties of our times and embracing the promise of our collective future.

Week 2 – CHCG II – Many photographers travel the world to find that elusive shot that no one has taken before.  But to stand where millions have stood, like in this long exposure photograph of the Trump Tower along the Chicago River, and create something that is personally original and powerful becomes a means of cultivating counterintuitive and outlier impulses as an artist.  For me, counterintution has become a practiced concept and challenge to see commas and exclamation marks where others might see periods.  I think that this way of being has changed the world and it is something that inspires me to no end.  It is has become an endless value and virtue for me as a photographer to try to decode and deliteralize everything around me.  

Although I embrace many subjects as part of my “eclectic aesthetic fine art” (EAFA) philosophy of photography, architectural photography is an exciting exercise in harmonizing the urban environment in a way I want to envision it.  I often equate architecture to “abstract portraits” and “euclidean jazz”, a play on Goethe’s notion of architecture as “frozen music”.   Architecture often offers the music and photography offers the lyrics click by click – the unique signature of the photographer.

Week 3 – Skógafoss – Skógafoss” is an iconic emblem of the beauty that flows out of every part of Iceland.  As a long exposure photograph, I applied my own psychology of photography that I refer to as “Vision Drawings”, a fusion of physical perception and autobiographical and metaphorical insight where the how and what of taking a photograph becomes secondary to why we make the photograph the way we do to better understand our motivations as artists.  It is my way of creating a parallel world of feeling that you are immersed in something that is intellectually and imaginatively beautiful, something I like to call the “felt aesthetic”, and embracing the paradox that reality is both negotiable and essential to fine art photography.  As an inspiration, I wanted to capture a fluidity and dynamism in this composition by creating a symmetry-asymmetry between elements and forming an equilibrium between the luminosity and shadow in the photograph to create a phenomenological presence, as if the viewer is experiencing the moment with me, and a palpable absence to the viewer to fill in their own blanks.  These principles help shape my photographic vision.

Week 4 – Learning To Fly“Learning To Fly” depicts an angel in Prague that is about to take his first flight into the unknown but it also a metaphor for the fragility that leads someone to fall but rise again in the face of trying times.  When I took this photo, I kept imagining scenes from the Franco-German film “Wings of Desire” where an angel, who listens to the thoughts of individuals in distress to be able to comfort them, falls in love with a mortal woman and decides to sacrifice his anonymity and immortality for the pleasures and pains of the human experience.  My choice to offer this photo for the Paint The City project was my way of playing out this story in an allegorical way but have the viewer decide what it means to them.  It is equally my homage to both my love of photography and cinema as I often liken my own photos to “moving images” as if I am stepping into a film of my own making that I have slowed and stilled with my camera.

As this is my last photo in the series, I would like to thank Jordan and James Manfredi and the Paint The City team for bringing their own vision to life with this project and for offering me the humbling distinction and honour of being part of “Art for All”.

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