Sharon Tenenbaum Paint the City DOT ORG PTC

Photographer- Sharon Tenenbaum


This past year, RAW natural born artists (RAW artists) teamed up with PTC to challenge our perceptions of public art, by taking over billboards across Canada. Paint the City’s “Digital Art(Net)work” program has created Canada’s largest outdoor art gallery, with over 1.2 million viewers a day and highlight a new artist each month.

Paint the City and RAW have joined forces to allow fans to chose what kind of art they would like to see on these billboards. For one week, RAW and Paint the City gave viewers the power to chose their favorite of two RAW artist finalists via Facebook and Twitter. The artist image with the most likes, shares, favorites and retweets on PTC’s social media pages will then be highlighted on billboards across Canada from December 15, 2014 to January 15, 2015. Finalists, RAW Vancouver photographer Sharon Tenebaum and RAW Vancouver visual artist Donna Giraud went head-to-head and several thousand votes were cast to finalize Sharon Tenebaum as the winner.

“I am honored and grateful to have my images displayed around the country for everyone to enjoy. It is my vision as an artist to depict a scenery in a ‘different way’, to convey the emotion and beauty of a situation rather than a mere documentation. Using photography as my tool, I try to transcend the boundaries of the conventional two dimensional realm to express those meaningful moments,” states Sharon.

Paint the City will continue to bring new artists to the “Digital Art(Net)work” every month for the public to enjoy throughout their daily lives.

“Our mission is to provide art to all and to offer tools that will encourage debate and further understanding. We hope that this project ignites a new era of art aficionados, founded by those individuals and groups that are now able to view various artworks of our time throughout their daily lives,” states Jordan Manfredi, co-founder and marketing director of Paint the City.