Paint the City PTC Art for all Digital billboards Art on billboards Billboard art,

Paint the City’s “Digital Art(Net)work” program is proud to be sponsored by All Vision, LLC., in order bring the beauty of art beyond museum walls and out their doors to create the largest “outdoor public art gallery” in Canada, with over 1.2 million viewers a day. The “Digital Art(Net)work” program will highlight emerging, mid-level and established artists’ works for 4-6 week periods throughout Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver (New Westminster).  Blair Murdoch, President of All Vision Canada states, “This is a unique opportunity to utilize a traditional medium in an innovative way and to provide communities an all-access pass to culture, everyday. All Vision is thrilled to sponsor Paint the City and to dedicate space on our Canadian Digital Billboard Network, specifically to art.”

Moving forward, PTC will continue to bring new artists to the “Digital Art(Net)work” for the public to enjoy throughout their daily lives. “Our mission is to provide art to all and to offer tools that will encourage debate and further understanding. We hope that this project ignites a new era of art aficionados, founded by those individuals and groups that are now able to view various artworks of our time throughout their daily lives. We believe that these newly equipped Daily Art Viewers (aka DAVers) will not only be inspired to further experience and learn more about the highlighted art, but will also be motivated by the transformative powers of art, to perhaps push a bit harder and to dig a little deeper throughout each day. “, states James Manfredi, co-founder of Paint the City.

Together, Paint the City and All Vision will bring art to the people, on a daily basis throughout Canada.

All Vision provides consulting, development, and management services to municipalities and public agencies to maximize their revenue from real estate assets through the implementation of strategic sponsorship and advertising-based community digital outdoor network initiatives. Currently, Allvision manages in excess of 2,500 assets throughout the United States and Canada and maintains offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Jersey, Toronto, and Denver.

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Paint the City PTC Art for all Digital billboards Art on billboards Billboard art