• James Manfredi

    Founder and “Idea Man”: James Manfredi scouted billboard and wall-scape locations, pitched and contracted landlord opportunities and coordinated with vendors to provide all necessary start-up services (billboard printing, installation, etc …).

    Phone: (917) 923-6258



  • Jordan Manfredi

    Strategic Wordsmith: Jordan developed all marketing, PR and sponsorship collateral. Furthermore, she leads all promotion, press and fundraising aspects of this project, in addition to prospecting current and potential artists.

    Phone: (917) 705-0046


    QUOTE:Paint the City is a dream realized and we can only hope to encourage, educate and inspire others to follow their passion.

  • John Fred Bogert, John B. Design

    Graphic Genius: “Freddy” has created all logos, mock-ups and graphic design aspects of this project. Freddy has also created an initial PTC website. –

    Phone: (808) 348-2497


    Quote: I use Creativity to Communicate my client's Vision.

  • Dr. Aileen June Wang

    Art Historian and Advisor. Aileen is in charge of writing all art-related materials and recommending artists for the project. She has a Ph.D. in art history and specializes in contemporary art.

    QUOTE: Let Paint the City infect urban spaces with art and food for thought!

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