PTC Artist Rachel Barrett- "Bolinas"

PTC Artist Rachel Barrett- “Bolinas”

“Enchanted Forest”

These images are from a series which delves into Bolinas, a small, unincorporated community resting precariously on the coast of Northern California, straddling two geographic plates, the past and the present. It is home to a notoriously reclusive population with a rich cultural and agricultural history, with the desire to live an intrinsically shared existence closely to the land. That mentality persists today among my generation, for whom there has been a resurgence of back-to-the-land ideologies. I was intrigued by the experience of collective engagement, the timelessness of the place and the near seamless relationship between humans and nature. I wanted to investigate, exploring with my camera, trying to understand how a home is created and defined and the formation of identity within the context and complexity of interconnectedness.